VITAM Hefe-Produkt GmbH ...

produces tasty, vegetarian health food since 1925.
In close cooperation to the German health food shops we have since then developed a high expertise in full-value nutrition.

VITAM feels committed to maintain the health of humans and save the natural environment. This is the reason why, since more than a decade, most of the ingredients used are certified organically grown.

In the B2B-area VITAM supplies large kitchens in hospitals and nursing homes, it holds contracts for private label productions and is busy in the pet-food industry.


VITAM in Hameln, in its factory space of 10,000 m2, annually produces about 850 t of yeast products, organics and baking ingredients.

VITAM-R Yeast Extract

VITAM-R yeast extract is a completely unique product, which we have been selling for over 86 years now.

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Organic Sandwich-Spreads

VITAM produces a full range of sandwich spreads from organically grown ingredients. With their clear and ...

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